Well, kind of… Since Shah was sold to a part -retirement home earlier this year I’ve had a show arab on loan (MHS Wytuki) for a few months to keep myself fit and to have something nice to ride out on over the summer. He was a real poppet and has been easy peasy to look after, however, I knew that the time was right for me to buy my own horse. After many months of searching, a failed vetting, seeing all sorts of arabs with plenty of conformation and health problems as well as many that were just no fun to ride I finally met Mushammer.

He ticked all my boxes, passed the vetting and arrived home here with me this weekend. So, I’m very excited as I have a horse but haven’t got on him yet as he’s fresh from racing. He was raced the last time about a month ago so I’m just keeping him turned out with plenty of hay, good companionship, getting him used to his new routines before we start the re-schooling bit.

Mushammer is a fleabitten grey, ten year old pure bred arab gelding, with part French part American bloodlines. Born in the UAE he was imported and sold to his previous racehome as a four year old and started to race as a six year old. He was champion pure bred arab gelding in 2007 and has several wins to his name. Now, his new career is endurance which I’m sure he will love.

I have started doing little bits of groundwork with him, just some desensitisation and pressure release work, as well as the start of some bending as he’s very stiff from four years of racing. He’s picking up on things nicely so it will be very interesting and bags of fun to see how we develop together.

Must admit that I can’t wait to get on him, when I tried him out he had the lovliest of paces that I’ve ever sat on, and he was a real gentleman waiting for my signals to trot and canter rather than just rush off. How that all turns out in his new surroundings we shall just have to wait and see. I’m making full sure that he knows my groundwork well before we go out for our first little walk around the farm. After that it will be weeks of walking and trotting before we try a canter – the grass stretches up on the Downs will be out of bounce until I know we can walk them without him needing to run!

Will keep you all updated of our progress.